Saturday, 25 February 2012

Why can't all be like Iceland?

Grocery Home Deliveries.
There are Two or More Companies
Missing a Trick or Two.

A critique on what I think is wrong.

First of all we think that the following companies that deliver groceries in our area via an on line order are missing a revenue stream.  These are Asda, Tesco and Salisbury's. For a start, just want to say we don't use any of these for on line shopping. People who use them are very happy with the service. So it is not a moan about missing items, late deliveries etc, etc. 

So here is how we think that the above companies can possibly add, as we said before a new revenue stream to their business.

We shop at Asda and Iceland in the main. Now on the Iceland shop, you go in get your 'bits' and if over £25, you go to the till and say 'Can I have home delivery please'. A time slot is booked and your shopping, which you bagged, is taken to the back of shop. You go home and its delivered. So what's so special about that?
Well unlike on line home delivery shopping, you get to pick what products you want with your own hands. 'Give' them to the delivery driver for him to deliver for you. Can you remember years ago when shops had the delivery boy on a bike? It's like that but with a van.

So on the same day we go to Asda, do our other big shop, again we like that over on line shopping, because we can physically see and 'feel' what we want. We go to the checkout and we have to cart it home.

The missing trick for Asda and the others with an on line grocery ordering and delivery service. Is why can't we do the same thing? They have the vans, the staff etc. OK I know that the '' side of it is a separate company in effect. It would be lovely for them to provide the same service as Iceland. Yes have a minimum purchase price (£25, 40, 60) and yes I know you charge for the on line service for delivery. So unlike Iceland, who does free delivery, you can charge us £5 or whatever. It cost us £7 to bring it back in a taxi. It would be so nice for them to provide this service. Would help parents with children, the elderly but mainly people without transport of their own. 

The way we feel it is a way for these companies to provide a 'social' service at the same time making a profit on the deal. It would encourage people who use this service to spend more, be more loyal to your company. 

Well for all that was worth, that is our feelings.
Love to hear what you think?

Written by Phyllis and Gerry.

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