Wednesday, 11 June 2014

We or He is back.

All Dusted Down
(sort of)

Gerry will be taking over and restarting this blog as from this weekend or earlier.
Its been a hectic few years and now he has time on his hands to publish some stuff.

So watch this sort of space.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Recipe and review #4

Cod Rarebit

Recently we were lucky enough to win some fish from this great company Delish Fish

Not Much Left :(
 They sell locally caught sea fish from the port of Peterhead, Scotland. They prepare it, pack it and post it. The box we received was a mixture of Mackerel, Salmon, Hake, Cod and Scallops. All vacuumed packed and ready for freezing. Before writing this blog with Gerry's famous Cod Rarebit recipe. We have tried the Mackerel with Garlic and Mackerel with pepper, which Gerry just heated up in foil parcels. The wild Hake which was just simply pan fried. As we not a lover of Salmon, our daughter took some Salmon fillets to try. Just got to say on everything tried so far, the quality of the fish is un-surpassed. We say that with a bit of authority as we live in Great Yarmouth and have access to fresh fish here on a daily basis. Delish Fish products are superb in all areas of quality, taste and price. Well on to the recipe.....

Ingredients (The quantities here are for fish of about 100g in weight, if you want to make more just add more to each ingredient. Nothing needs to be exact. Just add to it looks right)
  • Cod or any white fish in fillets or steaks.Smoked or un-smoked. Skin on or off.
  • Red Onion - thinly sliced.
  • Tomato - thinly sliced.
  • Big tablespoon of Crème Fresh.
  • English mustard (Colman's is the best) 3rd teaspoon to start with.
  • 20g grated cheese, again to start with.
  • Teaspoon of Worcester sauce, again to start with.
  • Few twists of black pepper.
All the bits you need.
  • Pre-heat your oven at gas 7 or 220C
  • If your fish has been defrosted, then dry with paper towels. Then place skin side down (if it has skin) in an oven proof dish. The sauce will run so make sure you got a sided dish.
The lovely fish from Delish Fish

  •  Add the sliced onions
Onions added.
  • Now add the sliced tomatoes. 
Tomatoes too.
  • Now the sauce. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together. That's the Crème Fresh, mustard, cheese, Worcester sauce, pepper.
Whoops forgot something.

That's it Worcester sauce. Now mix it all together.
  • Once mixed have a taste, if too 'pale' then add some more mustard and or Worcester sauce. Or not cheesy enough then add more cheese. The taste totally up to you. If it looks like not enough to cover the fish than add more Crème Fresh and more of the other ingredients.
  • Now spoon the mixture over the fish and spread out to cover.
All covered with sauce.

  •  Now with all that done place in oven, how long it takes depends on thickness and amount of fish. The one in the picture took about 30 minutes in the middle of the oven. Give yours 15 minutes and check. If the fish flakes and looks cooked then it is. It is a matter of a quick taste before you commit to serve.
  • At this point you can finish off by putting dish under the grill to crisp the top off. It is up to you. We did not bother this time.
All cooked.
  • There it is ready for any 'sides' you want to have. We had boiled new potatoes and a simple salad with ours. A lovely fish supper. 
This dish was lovely and with the quality of the fish it made it so much better. Well hope you like and please do visit Delish Fish and give them a look. We guarantee you won't be disappointed with their products on offer.
We would love your feedback on this please.

By Phyllis and Gerry. Not a sponsored post.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Review #3


Fresh Idea For..
Sizzling Steak
with Caramelised
Red Onion

First off, I am not a great fan of packet mixes, so do not buy them as a rule. But I do like the Maggi brand, mainly because of their, for want of a better description "Worcestershire Sauce". Which my mum and now I have been using for years as a flavouring etc, in much the same way as the Worcestershire Sauce. So we gave this packet a go, because it was on special offer buy one get one free.

So once you bought this packet you need the ingredients, which are in this case.
  • 2tbsp oil
  • 2 red onions sliced
  • 1 bell pepper sliced
  • 450g (1lb) beef frying steak, fat off, cut into strips
  • Things to serve it with (potatoes or rice, vegetables etc, up to you really)
  • 100ml water
 That is basically what it says on the back of the packet. 

So they say follow the instructions, and on this packet, it is precise and to the point. They do make a point of not rushing the onion bit, which as a amateur cook I can understand as you need to caramelise them. But that important information is put in the cooking tips part and not under step one where it should be.

Apart from that if you follow and do as said, the recipe seems to work. The problem I have with these and any packet mix of this sort, is you need to know basic cooking (not for beginners) and really all it is doing is adding the flavouring. Which if you had the time or more importantly the ingredients (I think that is why these sell) you could do it all from scratch. 

Well before a summery and judgment here are some pictures.

Step 1

Spend time to caramelise the onions

Peppers in
 Step 2

Beef and Maggi added

 No step 3 it was just adding water and cooking 'till 'done' 

Ready to eat

Well we had it with, well you can see....

All in all, if you got basic cooking skills, (how to slice onion, peel a pepper, shred and trim a piece of frying steak) then you can do this. Its good for people who don't cook on a regular bases, in other words don't have the ingredients to make up the flavours provided in the packet mix.

Be warned the 'sizzling' in the title means hot as in a quite hot 'chilli' hot. Well it did to me as I am not a fan of spicy food. I ate it, the instructions worked.

This packet will be bought again and put in the cupboard for 'emergency' use in the future.

I will, and have tried the other products in their range on the strength of this. 

So best suggestion to you all that have read this far is give them a go. Wait like us 'till they on special offer.

We bought this product so was not sponsored at all (well that is normal for us)
Written by Gerry Ellett