Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Review #1

Games and Stuff for the Little Ones.

Wooden Animal Dominoes.
Cost £1.99

This is an occasional blog post to hopefully give you readers,some ideas for value for money games and other things that our Grandaughter Grace loves. Hopefully your little ones might like them too.

This a great buy for the amount of play she has had out of it. We bought it not to play as dominoes to start of, just a nice little 'toy' with pictures on. She started off just using them as 'tiles' and lining them up, stacking them and matching the animals. 

Then we introduced our version of the game to her. It is in no way the proper adult rules. Just a simple stripped down version. There are 28 pieces and they are 'dealt' out to each player. Grace now does this, so she has learned to deal. Unlike adult dominoes the pictures are just placed face up, rather than up on edge. This is so it allows Grace to help me when its my turn, she always has suggestions. You then play as with normal until you run out or you can't go any more.

Its a great 'sharing' and talking game where you can chat to Grace about the play and she chats back with stuff. Great fun. 

Game in progress
This sort of value 'toy' is a great addition to the toy box. Hours of fun as we tend to have a couple of games then it is left for a while and then returned too. These dominoes were purchased from our local toy shop Kerrisons. They had two versions the farm animal plus a zoo animal set. 

 Written by Phyllis

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