Saturday, 4 February 2012

First Post

The First Post.
A Brief History of Time Waisted (or not)

There will be two people writing this blog. Me and the husband. We will place a note on the bottom of a post of who wrote it, so you know who to have a go at.

Best give a bit of in site of our history. As they say write what you know about first. We all have slightly tangled lives.


A brief history of me.

Well I (Phyllis) have been married three times. Divorced first husband, second husband sadly passed away. Now with my third husband. I have one now really grown up son from my first marriage. Who I do not see as he is working away. My second husband sadly passed away, and from that marriage have a lovely daughter (now all grown up) but gladly lives locally. So get to see her a lot when her job permits.

A brief history of him.

The husband (Gerry) is also on his third marriage, in his case divorced two times before. Now stuck with me. He has three children and one grandchild. The daughter and grandchild from his first marriage, and yes its his grandchild but she is mine also. Then two sons from the second marriage. They both in their late teens and sadly never hardly see them as they are in their late teens (you know what they are like, if you got teen boys).


A brief history of us.

Well after all that we met and married in 2008. All our passed lives then interconnected to produce this one. Sadly both of our parents have passed on. So its just us and the children of varying ages and the grandchild, of which who know us on twitter is Grace.


Post Script

This is version 1.5 of about us. As just learning how to work this blogger properly this time. Not going to rush in without a thought like last time. So most posts are going to be a work in progress until at least April 2012. Just getting the bones together, before I can put some meat on and then hopefully the skin.

Also this blog will NEVER be sponsored, by any company to promote their products with freebies etc. If anyone want us to review anything than that's fine. You must realise that any review might be good, indifferent, or bad. It is in your hands. So if you want to take a chance and get a real review. Well we are here......... 

Written by Phyllis and Gerry

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