Sunday, 22 April 2012

Silent Sunday #9

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Review #2

Weetabix Golden Syrup
Around £2.49 for 24 Biscuits

This is an occasional blog post to hopefully give you readers,some ideas on great quality products.

We recently lucky enough to win a 24 biscuit box of the new Golden Syrup variety of Weetabix thanks to @weetabixcereals. So we decided we would tell you all what we thought of them. 

This is a new variant of the good old traditional Weetabix. This time with another old favourite Golden Syrup.

Well when we found out we won, we had a little discussion on how this product might taste. The thought that kept coming up was the words Golden Syrup. To us this brings back childhood memories of the big tin where we were allowed to lick the spoon. Although we have used Golden Syrup loads of times since those long lost childhood days. The image of the taste of this new product was, "Its going to be sweet, and a bit sickly". So we waited with great curiosity.

On receipt of the box, we gave the Weetabix a go, just with milk. Well the perception we had before could not be more further from the truth. It is not tinned Golden Syrup sweet or sickly. It took a little while for us to come to a description of the taste over the taste of the original Weetabix. 

Well the final answer we agreed on was a very slight, pleasant caramel type taste. So pleasant it was moorish. We were and are very impressed with the taste of this new product.

The thing that would have put us off buying this over the original Weetabix, is the sub title Golden Syrup. It does tend to make you think that it is, as we said before that is going to have a sweet sickly taste. Oh how wrong were we. It is now on our monthly shopping list.

So in conclusion, Weetabix Golden Syrup is a very good cereal, we highly recommend you try them.

For more information on Nutrition and Ingredients please visit

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Written by Phyllis. v1.0

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Grandparents Must Buy #1

Review of Penwizard Personalised Book

We recently were lucky to win a personalised children's book for our Grandaughter Grace from Mummy Alarm and provided by Penwizard.

So with the win voucher code in hand we visited their website.

Our first impressions of their site is good, easy to navigate layout. So we went to choose the book for Grace. This was simple for us as it, in this case has to be Peppa Pig. Its good that they have known characters on their site. We chose our book (Peppa Pig Goes to your Child's Party). Clicked on Create and then were presented with the 'Changing Room' screens. This is where you can personalise your gift to suit the child with name, hair, skin, etc etc and including a personal message from the sender. This process was very easy to do. We double checked all details before continuing, as they say any mistakes at this point is your fault. Which is fair enough.

We then went through the ordering process, and although we did not have to pay, everything else was very simple. Pressed Order Confirm and that was it.

As soon as we confirmed we got an email saying order processing and also an expected dispatch date which was in 3 days after the order day. The next day we got an email telling us it was dispatched and guess what the next day the postman delivered it (1st class) in a sturdy cardboard envelope marked do not bend. 

The reason for the last paragraph is to say that after you paid your money, the electronic contact with a company and the promise of delivery that happens and ties up with the auto generated emails must happen. In this case it did.

Upon opening, first impressions of the book was of such high quality, although its a soft back the covers are glossy and thick. This size of the book is 28cm x 21cm, so not a small book. The inside pages are matt and of thick paper too. Same quality book as you would buy your grandchild in a bookshop with no worries.

The story is great, her name was printed on most pages. Our overall impression that if we were to spend the £17.49 for the book including postage and packing (UK), we would be very pleased at our purchase.

One thing that did come to mind is the book has the Ladybird symbol and trademark on it. We checked back on the website and from what we can see, this is not promoted. Well as Grandparents we grew up with Ladybird books and to us it is a very trusted brand. So if Penwizard is reading this, hopefully you might give the Ladybird logo a bit more prominence on your website.

At this time Grace has yet to see the book. We start our childcare again on Monday 16th. So we know her and she will love it, as with all children this age (3) they love to see their name in print.

Front Cover, with Grace's name and 3 we chose

Sample page, Grace's name is there on most pages.
Grace reading the book again!

In conclusion we would recommend you give this site a look, if you looking for a different present, that would give you Kudos in the Grandparents stakes. 

The quality of the product and the ease of use of the website makes it a highly recommended purchase.

For more information please visit.

This is not a sponsored post

Written by Phyllis and Gerry v1.0 (more photos and Grace's reaction soon)