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cooking tips #2

Cooking Tips
(Cheap and Easy)
Number 2

Perfect Yorkshire Puddings
(Makes 6)
 You will get a rise every time.

This is an occasional blog post to hopefully give you readers, simple, tested cooking ideas. I am not trying to teach you to suck eggs. Most of these posts will not be full recipes but just to show you how to do the basics right. I have tried different techniques by TV and Book Chefs that promised the perfect so and so, sadly most of them do not work. Below I will show the ones that worked. All these tips have been used a minimum of 10 times with constant results. I hope you find these useful. So here goes........

  • 50g plain flour sieved
  • 1 egg, room temperature (take them out of the fridge an hour our so before)
  • Whole milk, semi-skimmed works, but NOT skimmed.
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt to season (optional)
  • Sieve
  • large bowl
  • Measuring Jug
  • Electric whisk, or strong wrists and a wooden spoon
  • 6 segment non-stick metal muffin type tin
  • Kitchen scales 
Big note if you want 12 Yorkshire puddings for a larger family, just DOUBLE all ingredients etc.

 Prepare and cook time 
  • 20 to 30 minutes 

Lets Cook

You can make the mix up before hand if you like or make it just before you want to use it. If you make it up a few hours early don't put it in the fridge, just give it a whisk before you use it.

Anyway lets start. First, in a bowl sieve the flour to you get to 50g or just over. Set to one side. now crack both egg in the measuring jug. (Quick tip if you crack the egg on the work surface rather then the edge of the jug, you will not get any shell in the mix). Pour in the milk to it reaches the 150ml level. Add some salt, a little the first time, as you make it more and more you can learn how much you need for your own taste. Pour in the flour and use a electric whisk to mix to a smooth sort of single cream texture. If not electric whisk the pour mixture in a another largish bowl then add flower and mix by hand.

Egg, plain flour, milk all mixed.
When ready to cook, heat the oven to 200C, 400F, Gas 6. Now pour into the muffin type tin a little oil in each compartment, just a enough to coat. give the tin a little swirl so that each compartment is coated.

Oil in, ready to go in oven.

 Put the tray on the top shelf of the oven and this important leave until the oil is smoking hot. Give the Yorkshire mix a quick mix. Take the very hot tray out and pour equal amounts of the mix into each compartment, about third to half way up. 

Hot oil, and mixture put in, be quick, then back in oven.
 Now return back to oven straight away. Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes, yes that's right do not open the door. If you got a glass oven front, watch them rise. Take out when they look right and serve.

All done, crispy outside, fluffy inside. Cheaper, better than shop bought. ENJOY.
 Please comment. Would love your feedback.

Written by Gerry, version 2.0.

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