Saturday, 24 March 2012

Things To Do Before I’m …..

Got invited, well few days back now to have ago at a Meme by my lovely twitter friend Alison from her blog post HERE. I had a look and put it on the back burner. Now here I am going to sort of write my own. As I got quite a short memory span, going to re-read her post and write this post.

Reading Alison's post and the post she got invited to have a go from another blogger 'I May Not Be Your Mom But I'll Be Your Friend', the post is HERE. The idea seems to originate from a post by 'Two point Four Children' and it can be found HERE. The reasons for all the links, is to give you an idea of different ideas people have for the goals they wish to achieve. 

Now re-reading again the posts I have linked to, it seems you now need to reveal your age. This is where I will go a bit different now. As a married couple, Gerry and I. We try to keep everything on the Internet as a joint thing. It is very hard as Facebook, Google+ and a few others do not allow this. Everything has to be individual. This annoys us. Any I digress. But as I at 56 and Gerry at 48, we are going to say things we would like both to do in two years time from today.  This is a joint list.

So here goes.(Get to use bullet points too)

  1. Try to complete 100% Burnout Paradise on the Xbox360, we stuck on 94%, plus the online achievements.
  2. Visit Scotland, the Highlands for a long touring holiday.
  3. Re-visit 'The Langdale' in Cumbria and have Cumberland sausage and red cabbage in the local pub.
  4. Get our passports renewed.
  5. Win, borrow, beg or steal enough money to visit Florida.
  6. Get a 6 burner cooker (that's more Gerry's) but I will benefit in more lovely food.
  7. Least get some of our respected families together for a day, will need a wedding for that (Sarah or Kayleigh)
  8. Put a Christmas tree up.
  9. Finish decorating this place, been two years and counting. If it carries on, will be like the Forth Rail Bridge, once we finish will have to start again.
  10. Sit together and watch Lost season 1 and 2. Still on the shelf and still with shrink wrap around them.
  11. Learn how to grow herbs, like Jamie etc have in their TV kitchens, I am sure they are just put there.
  12. Take Grace to one of the Wednesday night summer firework displays on the beach.
  13. Go to Great Yarmouth races, both lived here for years and never been. its a 15 minute bus ride.
  14. Buy a banana tree. Not a real one, but to hang our bananas on.
  15. Have a proper night sleep when Grace is sleeping over. She three but we both up every hour checking on her. Very silly. We worry to much.
  16. Give cockles and mussels another go and try to like them. We live in a seaside town, they have the seafood stalls on the market with the little pots of them and toothpicks. Just at the moment don't like them.
  17. De-clutter, this will never happen. Have tried it loads of times. Just move a load of cr*p from box to a new box.
  18. Do not buy any more Goldfish, got five left, had eight. Bought for Grace. She really don't care. So when the last one goes to the great fish shop in the sky. That is it.
  19. Be rich enough to put £1 coins in the 'Christmas' pig, just once.
  20. See Kayleigh qualify as a nurse. Think that is about two years time. That one is up to her.
At the moment can't tag no one as I have to look around the blogs I read and blogger friends on twitter to see who has not been invited. Will update when I have some people.

If you feel the need to write a post like this please link it to Two Point Four Children's page

written by Phyllis and Gerry

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