Sunday, 19 February 2012

It Works #1

Stuff That Works.
Tried and Tested.
Not Just Once, but Time and Time Again.

Rescue Me.
All Purpose Soothing Gel.

 This is an occasional blog post to hopefully give you readers a head up on things, as the title says it works and does what it says on the label. 

This product we won about a year back now. The main ingredient is Natural Manuka Honey, it said on the label. As the cynical people we are, we thought, how can a honey from New Zealand do everything it pretended to say? So it then went in the cupboard in the bathroom possible never to be used.

A couple of weeks later Gerry got a small burn on his hand while cooking, so I would thought I would try it. He rubbed a small blob of the cream on his hand and as it says on the label, it was soothing. The thing we did notice a after two or three repeat applications over the next day or so, it did seem to 'heal' or seal the burn quite quickly. Never at that point took much notice of it at that time.

Over the course of the next few months we had occasion to use it a few times. From small cuts, chapped lips and grazes etc on Grace. Every time its soothed straight away and on repeat application it did 'heal' area very quickly. So became for us the product to use in such cases.

To sum up.

This to us is a brilliant product, it works and when this tube is all used will buy it again over anything else that we have ever used before.We really recommend it. It at first seems quite expensive at £12-£14 for a130g tube. Although, the tube is still going and it is a year or so now, so on reflection it is very good value. 

Upon writing this post, I thought I would 'Google' about the product as not read any review etc before. I was not surprised that the reviews I read echo our experiences of the product too.

There is no score etc as this works 100%.

Your can read more about this amazing product and other products they do HERE. We only tried the one product we are talking about but assume the rest of the range is of the same quality.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

Written by Phyllis.

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